Swift foundation focuses our support on people who protect the places they live, love and know. In this way, we prioritize grassroots funding to local place-based organizations and to Native led organizations directly, while also to allied organizations working on behalf of local communities. We’ve also made a strong commitment toward coherency within our endowment.

As a foundation, we are conscious of the fact that philanthropy as an industry continues to benefit from the mechanisms of colonialism. To this end, we are committed to increasing our own self-awareness and doing our part to model a version of solidarity philanthropy.

This webinar series is part of our foundation’s response to this crisis moment where we are seeing everything our partners have been fighting for highlighted – both the wrongs as well as the solutions.

This webinar discusses philanthropic responses to the coronavirus pandemic that model the long term systemic change approach that is needed right now in overcoming this crisis and also beyond.

Jim Enote, Colorado Plateau Foundation
Solome Lemma, Thousand Currents
Regan Pritzker, Libra and Kataly Foundations
Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective
Chung-Wha Hong, Grassroots International

Moderator: Sonja Swift